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Mr. D Property Management specializes in commercial and residential properties. Our knowledge is focused in two locations, Dallas Texas and Denver Colorado. We take pride in each of our properties and our mission is to continue as the elite provider of creative spaces with character.

Mr. D Property Management started in 2011 and has grown to management of 9 residential and 4 commercial units. Our philosophy is simple, provide a high quality property to the highest quality tenants and deliver excellent service and features to enhance their rental experience.

In order to keep our quality level high, we hand select and use a short list of preferred suppliers for various facets of our operation including leasing,

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People's Experiences

February 23, 2017

Just moved from one of Patrick's properties. We had a great experience renting with him. He was very understanding and attentive, even during the move out process. Patrick quickly returned my full deposit, and followed up to make sure I got the check. We will miss Mr. D Property Management!

5 star — November 25, 2017

Really great experience. Everything was straight forward. The process was very quick and easy, thanks to Patrick. Definitely recommend Mr. D properties.

5 star — December 10, 2016

We have been renting from Mr. D Property Management for a year and recently renewed our lease for another year. Patrick has been a great landlord and always quickly responds to us and any problems we might have. He has been easy to work with, and he really cares about his tenants. We highly recommend renting a home from Mr. D Property Management.

5 star — November 17, 2016

I've been renting from Mr. D Property Management for a year and a half and thoroughly enjoy living here. Not only is the landlord super cool and attentive when a need arises, but the neighborhood is one-of-a-kind. Easter, Halloween and Christmas are phenomenal. And I happen to live next to the coolest neighbor so I've grown very fond of this beautiful place I call home. I would highly recommend renting a home from Mr. D Property Management!

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